Biotech entrepreneur awarded 2023 Potts Medal

Photo of Dr SIoned Jones with her Potts medal

University of Liverpool Masters graduate and biotech entrepreneur, Dr Sioned Jones, has been awarded this year’s Potts Medal.

Dr Jones collected the award at a special ceremony that that was held in the Library, at the Guild of Students where she also delivered a lecture.

Dr Jones, who graduated from the University with first class honours Master of Chemistry degree in 2017,  is currently serving as the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of BoobyBiome, a biotech start-up with a focus on improving infant health.

During her academic career, Dr Jones conducted pioneering research on DNA origami nanotools at University College London (UCL) and King’s College London. Her innovative work led to numerous awards at top international conferences, including the Royal Society of Chemistry and Prato Pores in 2021. Her research has been published in several high-impact peer-reviewed journals and formed the basis of follow-on grants.

Recognising the lack of sufficient funding for research into women’s and maternal health, Dr Jones co-founded BoobyBiome during her PhD studies in 2019.

BoobyBiome’s mission is to develop novel products that support breastfeeding and early life development, with a specific focus on understanding the microbiome of breast milk.

In addition to her work at BoobyBiome, Dr Jones is an advocate for women in science and entrepreneurship. She speaks at conferences and events about her experiences as a female founder and the challenges women face in the biotech industry.

She said: “I am absolutely delighted to have won the Pott’s Medal at the University of Liverpool! It was a remarkable experience to stand before the academic community, co-founders, friends, and family, and reflect on my journey from chemistry to biotech. This achievement fills me joy and gratitude, and I extend my sincerest appreciation to the University of Liverpool for their invaluable support and recognition.”

The Potts Medal, named in honour of distinguished chemist Harold Edwin Potts (BSc Chemistry 1906, MSc 1907), was established in 1933 to recognise outstanding contribution to Chemistry. The winner is chosen each year by members of the University’s student Chemistry society, ChemSoc.

The Potts medal was reinstated in 2014 thanks to a generous, anonymous alumni donation.

Image below from l to r: Professor Neil Berrry, Head of Chemistry, Daniel O’Brien (ChemSoc), Dr Sioned Jones and Isobel O’Brien (ChemSoc).