President of Italy presents Professor Matt Rosseinsky with 2023 Eni Energy Frontiers Award

Professor Matt Rosseinsky was presented with the 2023 Eni Energy Frontiers Award by Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Republic of Italy, at a ceremony in Rome this week.

Professor Rosseinsky, from the University’s Department of Chemistry and Materials Innovation Factory, received the much-coveted scientific research prize for the digital design and discovery of next-generation energy materials.

The presentation ceremony took place at the Presidential Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome and was also attended by Giuseppe Zafarana, Chairman of Eni and Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni.

From l to r: Giuseppe Zafarana, Professor Matt Rosseinsky, President Sergio Mattarella and Claudio Descalzi

On receiving the Eni Award, Professor Rosseinsky said: “It was a great honour to be presented with this award by the President of Italy in the historic setting of the Quirinal Palace in Rome. This award recognises work that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of colleagues in Liverpool and our collaborators in industry and academia.”

The Italian energy company Eni founded the Eni Awards to promote the importance of scientific research in energy, in particular noting the absence of a Nobel Prize for energy research and the critical nature of energy for our future.

Now in their fifteenth year, the awards are considered an international benchmark for energy research with previous winners including Nobel laureates such as Harold W. Kroto and Alan Heeger.

The Eni Award’s Scientific Committee is made up of scientists from top global research institutions and has included 6 Nobel laureates over the years. Professor Moungi Bawendi from MIT, 2023 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, attended the ceremony.

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Liverpool and a Fellow of the Royal Society since 2008, Matt Rosseinsky’s research is pushing new boundaries in how new energy materials are designed and discovered through the use of digital tools.

He and his research team have developed an approach that fuses new digital tools with the experimental exploration of uncharted chemistry to produce new energy materials.

You can watch video footage from the ceremony at the YouTube link below: