Royal Society of Chemistry Education Prize for Prof Gita Sedghi

Professor Gita Sedghi from the Department of Chemistry has won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) Excellence in Higher Education Prize in recognition of her outstanding contribution to chemistry education.

Professor Sedghi has been recognised for making significant contributions to excellence in higher education teaching and for transforming the student learning experience.

She has devised innovative ways of teaching to stimulate student engagement and enhance their learning. In addition, she has created high quality inclusive resources to meet the requirements of a diverse community of students.

Professor Sedghi said: “Receiving the RSC 2023 Excellence in Higher Education Prize and being recognised by colleagues for my contribution to chemistry education is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. It signifies that my commitment and passion for chemistry education have left a positive impression within the academic community.

“It inspires me to continue my journey in transforming students’ experiences and fostering an inclusive environment in chemistry education where every student feels valued and empowered regardless of their background.”

Dr Helen Pain, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said“The chemical sciences are at the forefront of tackling a range of challenges facing our world. From fundamental chemistry to cutting-edge innovations, the work that chemical scientists do has an important role to play in building our future.

“The inspiration, innovation and dedication of those who work in education is fundamental to the progress of the chemical sciences – shaping the future and setting our young people up to tackle the challenges and the opportunities facing our society and our planet.

“Professor Sedghi’s work demonstrates an outstanding commitment to chemistry education, and it is our honour to celebrate their considerable contribution.”

Professor Sedghi receives £3000, a medal and a certificate.

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Excellence in Education Prizes celebrate inspirational, innovative, and dedicated people working in primary, secondary, further education and higher education – including teachers, technicians and more.

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