Inaugural Lecture: Professor Emma Boyland – Tackling Food Marketing to Improve Public Health

Staff, Students, and the General Public are invited to the Inaugural Lecture for Professor Emma Boyland entitled ‘The ‘Assassin of Joy? Tackling Food Marketing to Improve Public Health’ taking place on Wednesday, 28 February.

Emma is a Professor of Food Marketing and Child Health at the University of Liverpool. She is Research Lead for the Department of Psychology and leads the Appetite and Obesity Research Group.

Poor diet and excess weight are among the biggest public health challenges of the 21st Century. The food environment has changed dramatically in the last few decades, including a growing dominance of major food brands and their persistent and persuasive marketing.

There is a stark contrast between the recommended diet and the advertised diet, and eating healthily is now more challenging than ever.

In this lecture, Professor Boyland will talk about her research exploring the ways in which food marketing shapes our eating behaviours and how she has influenced public health policies in the UK and globally.

The event takes place on Wednesday, 28 February at Paul Brett Lecture Theatre, Yoko Ono Lennon Centre, Liverpool. Introductions and lecture will take place at 5.30pm till 7pm. This will be followed by informal drinks reception and networking 7pm-8pm.

This event is free and registration is required. To register for this event and for further information, please click here.