GiveGetGo Programme – My Journey with the University of Liverpool

The recent online refresher sessions to relaunch the award-winning GiveGetGo volunteering programme, in partnership with Transform Lives Company (TLC) resulted in 14 members of staff joining to hear more about the programme and how the University can support.

Below is Arti Sachdeva’s story on how volunteering within the University’s Organisational Development team of The Academy has resulted in her career success at the University:

What was your experience with Transform Lives Company (TLC)?

It had been nine years since I was in the world of work and it was Transform Lives Company (TLC) who were there to help and guide me in my job search. I was unsure of where to go, how I could apply for roles, where to look so having that support from TLC was really helpful. 

How did you come to join the University of Liverpool?

TLC introduced me to the GiveGetGo (GGG) Programme which helped me to develop my confidence again and build upon my communication skills, team work, writing skills and social skills. The University’s volunteering placement provides practical work experience accessible through GGG. Volunteering at UoL helped me getting to know and experience the real work environment.

What was your experience like at the University?

During my volunteering in Organisational Development (OD) department I had the opportunity to work with colleagues, Tracy Ellis and Amie Boylan. They were so helpful. I provided the Organisational Development team in the capacity as Business Admin Support and learnt new skills including;

  • Creating a Digital calendar of activity that supports a training program and;
  • Creating a streamlined approach to allow development coaches and others to access the training calendar.

How did TLC support you during this journey?

TLC provided one to one coaching sessions (in person and online) to check in, to have a conversation about what we want to do, what we need and how can they (TLC) help and support.

Sharon Lane from TLC continued to support me throughout my journey volunteering at the University including helping me to prepare for job interviews.

What happened next?

During my time volunteering at the University, I came across a vacancy which I applied for. On the GGG, you are guaranteed an interview so I was thrilled to have been given this opportunity and proceed through the interview process.  I was delighted when I was given the job offer!

Where are you now?

I got a job offer at the University which was amazing news for me and my family. My confidence has increased both personally and at work and I feel now I can further learn and focus on my future aspirations.  I am so grateful to have support and helpful advice from TLC and for the opportunity the University has given me.

I would encourage anyone in the University to reach out to TLC if they require support in their areas as this has given me an amazing opportunity to become part of the University!

Does your area require support?

If you are looking for support in your team but not in a position yet to recruit; the GGG programme can help support with volunteers.

Duties including; transactional tasks, cleaning, clinical support, customer service and a range of other tasks, which you require some additional support in your area; we can liaise with TLC to see if a candidate on the GGG programme is suitable to help.

Volunteering can run from as little as 4 weeks up to 10 weeks which you can explore different options on what support can look like.

How can I get find out more?

You can contact Sharon Lane from Transform Lives Company at in exploring candidates to support your areas.