February books of the month

February’s ‘Books of the month’ spotlights recent releases authored by University of Liverpool staff. 

If you’d like your new or recent (2023 or 2024) publication to be featured, please email the details to the Research Communications Team at rescomms@liverpool.ac.uk. 

Touristic World-Making and Fan Pilgrimage in Popular Culture Destinations 

Vassilios Ziakas, Christine Lundberg, Maria Lexhagen 

Published: February 2024 

Vassilios Ziakas is Associate Professor in Sport and Event Management, Honorary Faculty, University of Liverpool, UK. He is editor-in-chief of the book series Event Management Theory and Methods (Goodfellow).

This volume considers world-making as the intersection of the fan pilgrimage experience and the responses of destinations. It critically examines the emerging field of popular culture tourism and its close connection with fan studies and placemaking. The chapters illustrate how different destinations capitalise on expressive cultural practices to attract fan tourists, the processes involved in their ‘tourismification’, and the outcomes for both visitors and local communities.

The book establishes a common ground for the comprehensive and critical study of popular culture tourism development and fandom. It integrates theory and practice and provides evidence-based recommendations for popular culture destinations. It is a useful resource for researchers in tourism management, fandom, pop culture and media studies, as well as for those working in the tourism industry.

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100 Site Analysis Essentials: An architect’s guide

Peter Farrall, Iain Jackson

Published: January 2024

100 easy-to-follow rules with drawings and case studies to help you understand site analysis and how to apply it to your project.

How do I follow a brief? What is the site’s context? What is its history and what is adjacent to it now? How have other designers responded to similar site conditions? Conducting a site analysis is an essential part of the design process. Through careful examination, observation and documentation, you can cultivate a deeper understanding of the place you are designing. Designed to help students understand what a ‘site analysis’ is and why it is valuable to their design proposals, this book provides 100 easy-to-follow rules of thumb with simple line drawings and illustrations to help.

Through a series of lenses, strategies and ideas, this book provides step-by-step guidance through the process to increase your understanding of a place and how to deliver the appropriate solution for your site. Supported by case studies with examples of tackling specific problems, you will develop the tools to explore, rationalise and convince others that your approach is right for the project.

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Doing a Systematic Review A Student’s Guide

G. Cherry, Angela Boland, R. Dickson

Third edition

Published: November 2023

Completing a systematic review and unsure where to start or what path to take? Set out on your journey confidently with this practical guide written by a team of experienced academics. With a friendly, accessible style, the book covers every step of the systematic review process, from planning to dissemination.

This book will help you to:
– Work with qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods data
– Understand the how-to of systematic reviews with a range of real-life examples and case studies
–  Learn from students who have been in your shoes with FAQs taken from actual supervision meetings.

This book will not only support you to overcome common challenges and pitfalls, it will give you the knowledge and skills to produce an excellent review and you might even enjoy the journey! Alongside updated examples and case studies, this edition also includes two new chapters to help you write and register your review protocol and understand and synthesise data from correlational and experimental studies.

The book is accompanied by an online guide for teaching, including videos, example documents, further reading, software recommendations and weblinks.

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