Obituary: Joan Kenworthy

The University is saddened to learn of the passing of Joan Kenworthy, aged 90, who was recognised as an honorary alumna for her lifetime of dedication to, and ongoing support for, the University.

After graduating from St Hilda’s College, Oxford, Joan joined the University in 1960 as Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Geography, then promoted to Lecturer and Senior Lecturer. She served as Warden of Salisbury Hall and had joint responsibility for Morton House.

In 1977 she left the University to take up the position of Principal of St Mary’s College, University of Durham. After retiring, she spoke about her time at Liverpool shaped the rest of her career: “Hall Wardens were ask to serve on the University Senate and, as the only woman, I was put on every committee possible including staffing, finance, choosing a public orator and honorary degree nominations. I didn’t think it was patronising, it was excellent experience!”

Renown for her valuable contributions to the history of meteorology, Joan was an honorary ‘founder’ member of the association of British Climatologists and was awarded the Jehuda Neumann Memorial Prize of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Made an honorary member of the Students’ Union, Joan visited the University every October for a reunion with former staff and students who studied Geography in 1962.

Joan still kept in touch with many of the colleagues and friends she made in Liverpool sharing delightful memories. The University would like to pass on its best wishes and condolences to the family and friends of Joan.