University receives £510k from XTX Markets

Algorithmic trading firm XTX Markets has pledged a £510k donation from its Academic Sanctuaries Fund to support the University of Liverpool.

The University will receive the XTX Markets donation to support Ukrainian academics and students affected by the war.

This funding will support a new cohort of up to 30 Ukrainian PhD students through a co-supervision programme between the University and Sumy State University in Ukraine. In addition, the grant will provide bursaries for up to 50 visiting research students and academics to bring new knowledge and research skills to Ukraine and establish further research collaboration with academics from the University of Liverpool.

Over the last two years, the University has developed a strong partnership with Sumy State University in Ukraine, covering both education and research activities. This includes summer schools and student exchanges, sharing electronic resources and a collaborative digital transformation research and innovation programme.

In addition, the University recently hosted a UK/Ukraine twinning networking and showcase event which brought together more than 100 UK and Ukrainian stakeholders, from over 60 universities, to identify opportunities to foster new links and facilitate collaborative partnerships.

The event consisted of presentations, thematic working groups and roundtable discussions to share best practice, address key challenges and map out new opportunities for development.

Professor Igor Potapov, from the University’s Department of Computer Science, said: “The University is extremely grateful to receive this award from XTX Markets. It will support the next generation of Ukrainian PhD students and help to establish collaborative research activities aimed at making a positive impact in both Ukrainian and UK societies.”

“We invite University of Liverpool academics to collaborate with Ukrainian counterparts through research initiatives, co-supervision, and academic mentoring. We would be delighted to hear your ideas and can be contacted by emailing”