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Heard anything interesting lately? New podcast launched on iTunes

28 March

You can now listen, review and subscribe to the University’s new official podcast series that has been launched on iTunes. The podcasts aim to bring listeners closer to some of the academic experts, authors and innovative thinkers from the University who, through their in-depth analyses, research and discoveries are affecting positive change in the world today. […]

Are Brexit and Trump a risk to public health? Free talks in London this week

27 March

Could President Trump, Brexit and social media pose a risk to public health? Professor John Ashton will discuss some of the major trends affecting global public health at the University of Liverpool in London this week. The former President of the Faculty of Public Health is one of four speakers on the bill for an […]

Study examines survival rates of head and neck cancer patients

In the first study of its kind researchers from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Translational Medicine have examined the possible reasons for the improved survival rates for some head and neck cancer patients in the UK. A rising incidence of Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC), a type Head and Neck cancer arising in the […]

London campus to host Open Evening

Our University of Liverpool in London campus is opening its doors to prospective postgraduate students, alumni and the business community on Wednesday, 29 March as part of an Open Evening event. Whether you’re a current student at our Liverpool campus, a Liverpool graduate, or a future student interested in life-long learning opportunities and career development support, […]

World TB Day – How to reach hard-to-reach people

24 March

A researcher from the University’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, Dr Ruaraidh Hill, working closely with a pan-European team, conducted two reviews to improve access, uptake and use of services for people at risk of tuberculosis (TB) in vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations. World TB Day, falling on 24 March each year, is designed to […]

poultry farm

Chicken immune system ‘too slow’ to beat Campylobacter

23 March

New University of Liverpool research reveals that the immune response of farmed chickens does not develop fast enough to fight off Campylobacter during their short lifespan. The findings have important implications in the challenge towards developing a poultry vaccine for the bug, which is the UK’s leading cause of food poisoning. As both a public […]

Molecular ‘treasure maps’ to help discover new materials

22 March

Scientists at the University of Liverpool working with colleagues at the University of Southampton have developed a new method which has the potential to revolutionise the way we search for, design and produce new materials. The researchers used sophisticated computer modelling to map how molecules assemble and crystallise to form new materials – each molecule leading to […]

Communities Secretary visits Materials Innovation Factory

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, called in to see the Materials Innovation Factory as part of his visit to the Knowledge Quarter. The visit to the region centred on increasing awareness of the Mayoral elections across the Liverpool City Region which take place on 4 May. Whilst at the Materials […]

Open House fortnight of public events announced for May

The University is opening its doors later this spring for an exciting fortnight of free public events. Open House runs from 15-25 May and features a vibrant and diverse line up of topical talks, performances, exhibitions and interactive experiences to engage and entertain people of all ages and interests. It’s also an opportunity for the […]

mouse in plastic tunnel

‘Mouse-friendly’ handling tunnels good for science as well as welfare

21 March

A new study shows that how mice are picked up by the experimenter can substantially change their behaviour in cognitive tests. The work, by Dr Kelly Gouveia and Professor Jane Hurst from the University of Liverpool was funded by the NC3Rs and is published in Scientific Reports. The researchers discovered that mice handled by a […]

CERN experiment discovers five new particles

A new group of particles which have long been hiding in plain sight have finally been discovered thanks to the incredibly sensitive LHCb experiment at CERN. LHCb, otherwise known as the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment, is one of seven experiments collecting data at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. UK participation in the experiment […]

£1M Leverhulme grant to explore Earth’s deep interior

Scientists from the University’s School of Environmental Sciences are seeking to answer unsolved questions about the Earth’s core and mantle with a major research project supported by the Leverhulme Trust. They will use their expertise in palaeomagnetism – that is finding the record of Earth’s magnetic field which has been preserved in rocks -to add to […]

Supreme Court legacy ruling: leaving a gift to charity can be egoistic as well as altruistic

17 March

John Picton is a Lecturer in Charity Law at University of Liverpool Law School After a litigation saga lasting almost ten years, the UK Supreme Court has ruled that a woman who was deliberately disinherited by her mother in favour of three animal charities is entitled only to a relatively small pay-out. The daughter, Heather […]

Liverpool to lead international particle filtering research project

The University of Liverpool has been chosen to lead the UK element of an international research project focusing on using a specific high-performance technique called particle filtering. Particle filtering was invented in the UK almost 25 years ago and is particularly useful when attempting to extract information from scenarios involving multiple data sources, each of […]

Pills and syringes

New centre to address antimicrobial drug development challenge

16 March

A state-of-the-art research centre to help accelerate the development of new antibiotics is set to be established by the University of Liverpool. The University has been awarded £630,000 of infrastructure funding by Innovate UK to create the Centre for Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics (CAP) in partnership with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and North Bristol NHS […]

Cancer Cell

Researchers discover new way to destroy cancer cells

Researchers from Liverpool have identified a new way to kill certain cancer cells – by starving them of a key nutrient. The finding could lead the way in more personalised treatment of certain cancers. In a paper published in the journal Cell Reports, scientists including Ioannis Poursaitidis and Xiaomeng Wang from the University’s Institute of […]

Proton Beam Therapy Treatment Room

£35m proton cancer centre coming to Liverpool

15 March

A pioneering £35m proton cancer treatment centre is to be built in Knowledge Quarter Liverpool’s Paddington Village. This will be one of four centres built by Proton Partners International in the UK and will make the company the world’s largest developer of proton beam therapy centres. It will be located on Paddington Central, the first […]

Event: Reciting William Rowan Hamilton

14 March

The worlds of mathematics and the arts will come together at a special event celebrating the life of the Irish mathematician and poet, William Rowan Hamilton. Representatives from across the University will read a selection of sonnets contained in the poetic biography of Hamilton created by Professor Iggy McGovern, Emeritus Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. […]

Open House fortnight of public events announced for May

The University is opening its doors later this spring for an exciting fortnight of free public events. Open House runs from 15-25 May and features a vibrant and diverse line up of topical talks, performances, exhibitions and interactive experiences to engage and entertain people of all ages and interests. It’s also an opportunity for the […]

Virtual Engineering Centre launches new facility at London campus

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) has launched its new facility at the University’s campus in London at an event which attracted over 40 organisations including ARUP, Aston Martin and Hitachi Rail. The launch event provided an opportunity to showcase the VEC’s latest VR facilities to organisations as well as the expertise of the VEC team […]