Scientist awarded medal for services to geography

A scientist at the University of Liverpool has been awarded the Royal Geographical Society’s Busk Medal for field research into river systems and their conservation.

Professor Janet Hooke, from the University’s Department of Geography, was commended for raising awareness and for adding value to field based research, as well as demonstrating the contribution of physical geography to environment management, conservation and policy.  She was also recognised for supporting and promoting the activities of geographical organisations.

Professor Hooke said: “I am really pleased that my work has been recognised by this award.  Studying river systems over a long period of time is necessary to detect changes and responses in the environment so that we can learn how to work with nature and conserve it in a sustainable manner.”

Dr Rita Gardner CBE, Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), said: “We are delighted to announce Professor Hooke as the recipient of the Busk Medal for conservation research and fieldwork.

“Her research has advanced knowledge of river channel patterns in Arizona; the role of vegetation for restoration and mitigation of desertified areas in Spain; and coastal environments in Hampshire, and in doing so, has encouraged a greater understanding of our world.”


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