Prestigious awards for Computer Science staff


Frank Wolter

Professor Frank Wolter

Two members of staff from the Department of Computer Science have won awards at international conferences in artificial intelligence and computer science.

For the second year running, Professor Frank Wolter (above) and colleagues from London, Germany and Canada, won the best paper prize at the Knowledge Representation in Artificial Intelligence Conference in Canada.

The paper presented a new approach to implementing queries in databases and built on their previous work using formal logic to represent knowledge on the world wide web. The aim of the work is to enrich the data currently held in databases, such as medical information or financial transactions, with general background knowledge.

Professor Leslie Goldberg (below), along with Mark Jerrum from the University of London, was awarded a  prize at the 37th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming held in Bordeaux, France. The award was for the paper ‘Algorithms, Complexity or Games’ which examined the computational complexity of computing and approximately computing, ‘partition functions’ which arise in probability theory and statistical mechanics, making it possible to estimate properties of typical configurations in statistical models.

Leslie Goldberg

Professor Leslie Goldberg

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