University launches i-Phone app to access HIV drug expertise

i-Phone app

The University has launched an i-Phone application, HIV iChart, which provides healthcare professionals and HIV patients with instant and easy access to information about drug interactions.

Based on the University-developed drug interaction website, HIV iChart is a tool that provides HIV patients and healthcare professionals with immediate access to information on potential drug interactions between anti-HIV drugs and other medications that a patient with the disease may be taking.   

In HIV therapy, patients take a number of anti-HIV medicatio (antiretrovirals) and may also take other drugs to treat co-existing diseases. Drug interactions can have an impact on the effectiveness of one or both drugs, and may also impact on the severity of the side effects of the medication. For this reason, some drugs should not be used, whilst others must be given with caution, possibly requiring adjustment or monitoring. 

Professor David Back, Professor of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology, said: “We are delighted to launch this application for i-Phones that will provide HIV patients and healthcare professionals with instant and easy access to information about HIV drug interactions that is relevant, reliable and up-to-date. HIV iChart can be used on a hospital ward or in a clinic, in primary-care units, health centres and the community. In addition to the HIV drugs interaction website, this new tool will increase awareness of how to manage the disease more effectively.”

HIV iCharts is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the App store in iTunes. The application is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod touch and only requires web access for the initial download and updates.

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