Second E Allison Peers Symposium

E Allison Peers Symposium

The second E Allison Peers Symposium in Hispanic Studies has taken place in the Victoria Gallery & Museum.

The two-day symposium, organised by the Hispanic Studies section of the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, entitled ‘Performing Luso-Hispanic Identities in a Transatlantic Context’ brought together Hispanists from around the world, including speakers from the USA, Spain and Ireland.

The symposium is partially funded by an endowment of the first holder of the Gilmour Chair of Spanish, Professor E Allison Peers, who under the pseudonym Bruce Truscot, wrote the book Redbrick University which made the Victoria building famous and which defined the role of the civic university.

The Catalan music group, VerdCel provided a rousing finish to the event.

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