Festive tips for sustainable waste

As part of the University’s sustainability calendar, which will see each month themed with an eco-topic, December has been named Waste Awareness Month.

Here are some handy tips for you to have a fun and thrifty festive season:

Buy a ‘living’ Christmas tree which you can keep for years and watch grow

Send a Season’s Greetings e-card to all your family and friends

Why not do ‘Secret Santa’ with friends – agree a price and age limit

With new gifts and upgrades on appliances there are bound to be clearouts – contact the Community Recycling Network, who distribute unwanted household goods to those in need

Recycle Christmas cards in recycling bins placed at selected retailers supporting the Woodland Trust throughout January.

Recycle your real Christmas tree at a local council drop-off point

Encourage others in your family and community to reduce, reuse and recycle by buying eco-gifts, recycled gifts or committing to an environmentally friendly New Year’s resolution.

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