21st Century Challenges in Infection and Global Health Seminar Series

Institute of Global Health Lectures

The Institute of Infection and Global Health has welcomed the new year with a series of lunchtime seminars examining key issues which affect human and animal health in the UK and globally.

Speakers include leading international researchers from the UK and beyond. Topics addressed range from age-old human pathogens, such as tuberculosis, fungi and parasites to more recent threats to human health including HIV and implant-related infections; meningococus and salmonella are included among the especially nasty pathogens being examined in the series.

Professor Tom Solomon, Head of the Institute, commented: “This is a really exciting time to take stock of the major challenges to human and animal health, and consider the direction of future research.”

The Institute of Infection and Global Health brings together leading infection and global health researchers from across the University, and builds upon existing collaborations  including the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Wellcome Trust Tropical Centre, NIHR Biomedical Research Centre in Microbial Diseases, and the National Centre for Zoonosis Research, and will provide a hub for infection-related research.

Seminars are being held throughout January  in the Small Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, Duncan Building between 1-2pm and are preceded by lunch at 12.40pm.

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