Pingo waterfall opens at Ness Gardens


Pingo Waterfalls at Ness

Alan's daughters Kathy and Elaine at the waterfall

Ness Gardens has unveiled the Pingo Waterfall which was developed due to a generous donation by a former Friend of Ness Gardens.

Alan Bromidge’s donation has enabled a number of other projects to take place in the garden as well as the waterfall, which was constructed by gardener, Fred Collins and has transformed a forgotten area of the gardens into a green oasis.

Kevin Reid, Director of Ness Gardens, said: “The area is planted with tropical looking tree ferns, and the Pingo is a fantastic new feature adding sound as well as colour to the garden.”

Barry Fowler, a Friend of Ness Garden, said: “The Pingo Waterfall will serve as a fitting memorial to Alan and will bring a lot of pleasure to future visitors. Alan really cared for the gardens and he showed this not only by his work on the Friends Committee but also as a volunteer working in the gardens.”

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