Staff discount on Doctorate

Online Doctorate

Staff are being offered a 65% discount for a new online Doctorate, available for enrolment in April 2011.

The Doctor of Education – Higher Education (EdD) offered by the University, in partnership with Laureate, is one of the first professional doctoral programmes in the field of education to be offered in a 100% online format.

Alan Southern, Director of e-Learning at the University, said: “The EdD is designed for those who want to develop as first class teachers and managers, clinical staff who wish to build a reputation in the scholarship of teaching, professional services staff whose career development depends on being able to see the bigger picture, and indeed anyone taking a critically informed, internationally oriented approach to running a complex organisation that is a modern university.”

The programme, which has an intake date of 21 April:

  • Offers students an international programme focusing not on UK higher education, but on Higher Education as a global enterprise;
  • Places great emphasis on the development of a deep understanding of universities, operating in a global context, as places of learning and as learning institutions;
  • Focuses on the use of professional knowledge, academic and policy literature, and published and personal research to promote the leader at the heart of institutional development; 
  • Is offered wholly online, providing flexibility of study and first-hand experience with this growing higher education channel.

For the April intake only the discount is 65% (normally 50%) – the whole programme will cost staff under £9,000.

For more information about the Doctor of Education – Higher Education visit:

If you want to find out more about the University online programme, email the Director of of e-Learning, Alan Southern at

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