Computer Science welcomes new professor

Professor Deng

The Department of Computer Science has welcomed Professor Xiaotie Deng, who joins the University from City University of Hong Kong where he taught for 13 years.

His research interest is in the interface of game theory and computer science, particularly Algorithmic Game Theory.

He started in this area when he was doing his PhD at Stanford University and the recent rise of the internet, e-commerce, and social network have made strategy manipulations of individual agents a reality, and efficient algorithms handling those problems important because of the internet scale.

His focus is on internet market design, how to make a successful business out of internet activities, studying the problems, and what mechanisms would help the market maker to optimise social welfare, maximize revenue or to ensure timely trade.

Professor Deng’s interest is in both the theoretical answers and the practical simplifications, and to heed the practical constraints and limitations, in a field that demands theoretical understanding and practical solutions.

He said: “In the Department there is an excellent group in computer science in agent theory, algorithms, games, and logic – all the components that make the technical foundation to deal with internet-age problems. I will benefit from this rich environment for creativity in the new frontier of computer science.”

He was elected an Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Fellow in 2008 for contributions in the interface of algorithms and game theory.

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