Dogs needed for osteoarthritis study

Dogs needed for study

Dogs suffering with osteoarthritis, the painful and debilitating disease of the joints that leads to cartilage loss and inflammation, are needed for a study.

Staff at the Small Animal Teaching Hospital are researching the efficacy of two pain-relieving treatments for dogs experiencing this illness.

Around 20% of dogs over one year old suffer from this disease and they will often show signs such as lameness, reluctance to go for walks, and stiffness after rest.

This condition is best managed through a combination of modified exercise and nutrition, and the use of pain-relieving medication.

Dogs over one year old, and weighting more than 10 kilograms, are needed to participate and will receive a thorough assessment by an orthopaedic vet, medication for a 12-week period and re-assessment of the dog’s condition over four visits – all at no charge to the owner.

There are two study medications, both of which are licensed treatments and there is no experimental compound and no placebo, all dogs receive a treatment that is considered safe and effective.

If you are interested in enrolling your dog for the study contact Ben Walton email or Emily Cowderoy email or telephone 0151 795 6239.

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