Launch of Ancient Worlds summer school

Ancient Worlds launch 1

Dr Coker with a participant at the taster session

Researchers in the School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (SACE) have launched a new programme of events to introduce ancient languages and culture to a wider audience.

Ahead of the start of the course in July, the Ancient Worlds Summer School kicked off with a taster session aimed at members of the public, designed to encourage people to take up the study of ancient languages such as Greek and Latin.

Those attending were shown how to write and understand hieroglyphs – the writing system of the Ancient Egyptians – and learnt basic elements of ancient languages by examining writing on archaeological items at the School’s Garstang Museum.

Artefacts such as Greek papyrus letters, Roman tomb inscriptions and Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts were used to demonstrate how language can be used to understand global cultures.

Dr Amy Coker from the School said: The aim of the taster session and the summer school is to demonstrate how accessible and exciting learning about ancient languages can be, teaching a whole range of useful analytical and logical skills. We are very enthusiastic about sharing our passion for these languages with people who otherwise would not have the chance to study them.”

For details of the summer school visit:

Ancient worlds launch 2

Dr Glenn Godenho who spoke on Hieroglyphs and Dr Coker in the Garstang Museum

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