Researcher to offer prestigious scholarship in India

From l to r: Nicholas Lockwood, Prof Simon Maskell, Dr Alex Phillips and Andre Finn.

Dr John Marsland

Dr John Marsland

A researcher specialising in microelectronics at the University of Liverpool is in India this month to nominate a student for a prestigious scholarship that includes a four-month paid internship at a world-leading technology company in Cambridge.

Dr John Marsland from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics will travel to Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad to speak to students who could be eligible for the ARM scholarship. The scholarship is exclusive to postgraduate students in India who have been offered a place on one of the University’s Masters degree programmes in Microelectronic Systems or Microelectronic Systems and Telecommunications.

ARM Ltd, a company that specialises in the design of technology at the heart of advanced digital products, has supported students from India studying on postgraduate courses at Liverpool since 2005. The team is now looking for a new student to join their research group in Cambridge as part of their studies at the University. The company also has offices in Bangalore, as well as a base in several European countries, North America and East Asia.

The ARM scholarship is an award of £6,200 and the student who qualifies will also be given a Regional Award of £1,000 from the University. The student will complete their Masters project as a paid intern at ARM Cambridge. Dr Marsland will visit education fairs in India and speak to students about the scholarship, as well as offer, both undergraduate and postgraduate students, advice about studying other Engineering courses at Liverpool.

Previous ARM scholars at the University have gone on to secure permanent jobs at the company and others are now working at NVIDIA, a graphics hardware company in the US, and Aptina, a specialist in imaging technology, based in the UK.

Dr John Marsland said: “Engineering students from India are highly motivated and dedicated individuals that contribute a great deal to the student community at Liverpool. The skills that they bring to the field of electronics are world class and I am looking forward to meeting students in India who are eager to join us and the ARM team to further develop their research capabilities.

“In this new economic and political environment, students face new challenges in the job market and this scholarship offers an invaluable internship that greatly increases the chances of securing a top job after graduation. ARM is a globally recognised and respected company, with a 100% of its Liverpool interns now in successful careers in areas that they are passionate about. Students from India will join a vibrant academic environment, both at Liverpool and Cambridge, and be given the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technologies.

“We are looking for students who are excited about working in the field of microelectronics and who have had good work experience in India. Students should want to use their skills to make a difference to the way technological industries work and contribute to the development of products that significantly impact on the way people live and work.”

Dr Marsland will also meet with prospective undergraduate students and discuss their opportunities to apply for work placements as part of degree programmes at Liverpool. Undergraduates who join the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics are able to take a year-long work placement in industry during their degree course. Graduates from the School have gone on to work at companies such as Ericsson Ltd, Marconi and Scottish Power.


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