International summer school on concrete

Engineering concrete summer school

The School of Engineering played host to 18 international visitors over the summer, who came to investigate concrete.

The Centre for Engineering Sustainability welcomed the students from as far afield as Vietnam, China, Poland, Greece and France, to work alongside researchers investigating novel sustainable construction products such as cementless concrete that can have a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Concrete has a bad reputation as the production of one tonne of cement accounts for around 0.8 kg of CO2. The only material consumed more globally is water.

Dr Matt Fulton, from the Centre, said: “Word appears to be spreading, amongst French engineering students in particular, that not only is our work interesting and valuable, but Liverpool is a great place to study during the summer.

“We receive more and more applications every year and, as the photo shows by the colour of their lab coats, the students are really enthusiastic and get stuck in!”

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