New staff in the School of Engineering

New members of staff in engineering

Left to right (back row) Dr David Dennis, Dr Ian Walkington, Dr Stuart Edwardson, Professor Eann Patterson, Dr Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou , Dr Rene Steijl, Professor Michael Beer, Professor Ahmed Elsheikh (front row) Dr Pedro Martinez-Vazquez, Dr Volfango Bertola, Head of School Professor Ken Badcock, Dr Riaz Akhtar and Sean Malkeson. Unable to be on the photo was Dr Edoardo Patelli and Carol Kong

The School of Engineering has recruited 14 new academics in the last 18 months to strengthen the research and teaching efforts.

Professor of Uncertainty in Engineering, Michael Beer, will be working with new lecturers Dr Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou and Dr Edoardo Patelli who have joined the Centre for Engineering Sustainability, creating a research strength in risk and uncertainty which will contribute to a new Institute of Risk at the University.

Professor Ahmed Elsheikh leads the Ocular Biomechanics Research Group with interest in ocular material characterisation and numerical simulation of ocular biomechanical performance and his recent work includes the development of a number of medical devices to help improve the management of eye disease. He will be working with new lecturer Dr Riaz Akhtar in Biomedical Engineering, on a substantial funded collaboration with the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences which is already secured.

Dr Volfango Bertola and Dr David Dennis will contribute to revitalised experimental fluid dynamics research activity in the Centre for Engineering Dynamics.

Professor Eann Patterson, the A A Griffith Chair of Structural Materials and Mechanics and a Royal Society Wolfson Research Award holder, is establishing a new laboratory in optical measurements for structures, and is driving initiatives in the energy and nuclear fields in the Centre for Materials and Structures.

Dr Stuart Edwardson and Dr Carol Kong are contributing to a reformed strength in manufacturing.

Dr Rene Steijl has enhanced the Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in the Centre for Engineering Dynamics by expanding the range of expertise to high speed flows and Dr Ian Walkington, lecturer in the Centre for Engineering Sustainability, joins colleagues in Engineering, Environmental Sciences and the National Oceanographic Centre to create a strong grouping in marine renewable energy.

Dr Pedro Martinez-Vazquez joins the Centre for Materials and Structures and Sean Malkeson joins the Centre for Engineering Dynamics strengthen the teaching on the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Programmes.

Professor Ken Badcock, Head of the School, said: “We are excited to welcome our new colleagues who are helping us to further improve our research and teaching, moving us closer to our ambition of creating a School which is consistently in the first rank for its research and teaching contributions.”

“We have set out to work with other Schools and Faculties at Liverpool to identify opportunities that had not previously been considered, and this approach is already paying off in areas such as Risk, Energy and Biomedical Engineering. We are grateful for the support of the Faculty of Science and Engineering which has helped us to progress rapidly through this period of transition.”

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