£9.8m global eco-innovation centre to be launched


The University of Liverpool and Lancaster University will launch a global eco-innovation centre, focused on bolstering the region’s economy in key export markets and driving forward improvements in green technology and services.

The £9.8m Centre for Global Eco-innovation (CGE), led by Lancaster University, has secured £4.9m of funds from the North West operational programme for the European regional development fund to provide research and development expertise to hundreds of the region’s companies which are working to find solutions to environmental problems.

The virtual centre, which was also developed in partnership with Inventya Ltd at the Daresbury Science and Innovation campus, will provide more than 285 regional companies with expert help to develop new, greener products and services resulting in significant savings in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and energy.

Working with businesses across a range of sectors including chemicals, environmental technologies, digital and high value manufacturing, the centre aims to deliver a significant number of new jobs to the region making a measurable contribution to the region’s economic recovery.

More than 50 graduates will be recruited between the two universities, who will work on a range of research and development projects in partnership with business. The graduates will use these collaborations as the basis of a PhD programme of study.

The centre will be formally launched in spring 2012 and the first cohort of 50 graduates will join the centre in October 2012 for three years. The centre will take a strong focus on international markets and a number of the graduates are anticipated to be recruited from overseas. The centre will recruit an initial cohort of 50 companies to work with these graduates by October 2012, with each company also making a financial contribution.

In addition to intensive three-year long collaborations, the centre will also work via Inventya Ltd to deliver a programme of business support for companies exploring the export market and a range of other opportunities for collaborative working with both of the universities.

Business interested in becoming involved in the project should contact Professor Andy Plater, School of Environmental Sciences, or Umar Daraz in Business Gateway or visit the website at: http://www.cgeinnovation.org/

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