Harry heads off around the world in 80 days

Harry Boulding

For some, it’s a novel, for others a film. But for one of our undergraduates, the prospect of travelling around the world in 80 days is neither a book nor a movie, it’s a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ prize that he’s just managed to win.

Harry Boulding, a second-year Evolutionary Anthropology student – and there’s only nine of them on the course – is this year’s winner of the prestigious Circumnavigator Foundation Award.

Based in New York, the Circumnavigators Foundation  is a unique and highly-prestigious organisation aimed at celebrating scholarly achievement and global collaboration. Members have all circumnavigated the globe at least once and include John Glenn, Michael Palin and our own Robert Simpson who is currently a third-year student, and winner of the 2011 Circumnavigator award.

Earlier this month, facing stiff competition, Harry successfully convinced a panel, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, that he possessed the skills, confidence, drive and self-reliance to undertake a gruelling 10-week round-the-world study and travel itinerary, while at the same time, carrying out scholarly research across several different continents.

Harry’s research will focus on trying to understand how different human societies are coming to terms with climate change: knowledge which he hopes will enable governments of the future to plan and implement better informed solutions to climate-related challenges.

Over the summer, travelling alone, Harry will visit Kenya, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Tonga and Mexico – before flying home to resume his final-year studies.

World Map Boulding

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