Scientists showcase research at public event for Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week

Scientists at the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection and Global Health will present their research on brain infections at venues around the city to mark Brain Awareness Week in March.

Infections of the brain, such as meningitis, encephalitis and HIV, have a significant impact on large numbers of people in the UK and overseas. The Liverpool team work to understand how virus spreads and causes disease, as well as how to improve detection, develop treatments, and prevent infection in the first instance.

During Brain Awareness Week, from Monday, 12 March to Friday, 17 March, the team will present their work to members of the public at six venues around the city, with a special science day event at World Museum Liverpool. Members of the public will learn how the brain works and why it gets damaged by infection, as well as what scientists do to try and prevent it.

The Liverpool team is a multidisciplinary group of doctors, nurses and basic scientists from the University’s Institute of Infection and Global Health; Walton Neuro-Centre NHS Foundation Trust; Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust; Royal Liverpool University Hospital; and School of Tropical Medicine.

Venues, Dates, and Times

Monday 12 March: Aintree Hospital, 12-2pm

Tuesday 13 March: University of Liverpool, 12-2pm

Wednesday 14 March: The Walton Centre, 12-2pm

Thursday 15 March: Alder Hey Hospital, 12-2pm

Friday 16 March: Royal Liverpool Hospital, 12-2pm

Saturday 17 March: World Museum Liverpool, 10am-4pm

For more information about the events please visit:  or email Sam Nightingale.

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