University conference explores latest issues in entrepreneurship research

The ATLAS experiment at CERN

The University of Liverpool hosted a one-day conference exploring the latest themes in entrepreneurship research.

The conference looked at leadership in small businesses and showcased three local companies who have participated in the LEAD programme at the University’s Management School. The companies discussed the impact the programme has made to their businesses.

They also looked at the rise of a new group of entrepreneurs which is on the increase – older entrepreneurs, also called ‘silver’ entrepreneurs, or Generation M. The change in demographics, and rising number of older people seeking new challenges is set to bolster the ranks of silver entrepreneurs. Professor Tom Cannon discussed this potentially future source of new businesses and economic growth and the programmes available to support them.

Professor Ossie Jones, Director of Entrepreneurship at the Management School, said: “Entrepreneurship Research showcased some of the research in the area of entrepreneurship that is being undertaken at the University, including leadership, the rise of an older generation of entrepreneurs and the wealth and value that entrepreneurs create.”

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