Liverpool launch for £6m SATIN project

SATIN will develop foods that satisfy the appetite

European partners in the University’s £6million EU Framework 7 project – SATIN – SATiety INnovation –came to Liverpool to mark the launch of the project.

Over 35 delegates from 9 European countries, including leading research institutes and companies (large, medium and small) who specialise in novel food formulation and production, came to the city to take part in a two day work programme aimed at taking the project forward.

Professor Jason Halford, from the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society and Co-ordinator of the SATIN consortium, said: “It was great to bring all of the partners in the SATIN project from across Europe to Liverpool to kickstart the project.  SATIN is a five-year  multidisciplinary project which brings together European research expertise and industrial know-how to develop novel food products for European consumers through processing innovation that will enhance satiety and help achieve a balanced diet.  For SATIN to achieve its objectives, partners will need to work collaboratively, meet up regularly, share information and communicate effectively.”

Further information about the SATIN project is available at the website:

A Youtube channel is being set up which will feature interviews with members of the SATIN consortium talking about the different elements to the project.

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