‘Joy’ for China award winner, Shan

Shan researches materials under Professor Andy Cooper

PhD student Shan Jiang said she was “overwhelmed with joy” to be named one of just 28 UK wide Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Studying Abroad, by the China Scholarship Council.

Shan, who studies materials in the Department of Chemistry under Professor Andy Cooper, was presented with the award at a special ceremony – and also scooped $6,000 prize money.

The 27-year-old said: “I was very, very excited to receive an award in recognition of my PhD study and research. It’s a great honour for me to actually have somebody out there who appreciates the hard work I have put into my research. I am overwhelmed with joy and also incredibly thankful. I feel the award will help take my academic career forward. The recognition of my work will undoubtedly act as a booster for me and I am also determined to carry on my studies in porous materials research, and try my best to develop more promising functional materials.”

Shan’s PhD project involves the design and synthesis of porous organic cages that could be used for gas storage and gas separation.

Shan, who comes from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in the north of China, said: “The project combines synthesis with computer modelling. The modelling can aid a better understanding of these porous organic cage materials, and optimisation of industrial applications of these materials. It is developing as an exciting and active research field.”

Shan says she hopes to continue her research once her PhD is complete, either here in the UK or in China, adding that she made the “right choice” to study in Liverpool.

Shan said: “Liverpool is a beautiful city and the people here are exceptionally friendly. This city is one that embraces all cultures and communities, so I think I made the right choice to study here. Our group is working at the forefront of research. Professor Andy Cooper is one of the most famous scientists in the materials area and my research works have been published in high quality journals, such as Nature Materials and Nature Communication. It is a great experience for me to study in Liverpool.”

An only child, Shan is also the only University of Liverpool student to be granted this award. She says her family, back in China, were “so proud” when they heard the news.

Shan added: “When I received this award my parents were absolutely over the moon, they were just so happy and, no matter what I do, they are always very appreciative and proud.”

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