University announces international student ambassadors for 2012

Internationla Student Ambassadors

Kauri, Soukaí¯na and Ali

The University of Liverpool has appointed new international student ambassadors who will offer support and advice to students looking to study at the University in the near future.

The ambassadors will work with University staff in communicating with potential students about degree programmes, the city, and accommodation. They will attend recruitment events in support of staff in Student Recruitment and Admissions and give campus tours to students and parents visiting the University for the first time. Students will also conduct a phone and email campaign to connect with offer holders on an informal level.

The team will take part in three ‘Meet and Greet’ events at Manchester International Airport to welcome international students as they arrive in the UK to start their English Language pre-sessional courses in July and their degree studies in September.

Students from Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco will work with the International Student Recruitment Team and academic departments to promote the University in Africa. Members of the ambassador team from Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Oman and Kazakhstan will represent the Middle East and Central Asia.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students from Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and XJTLU will be available to talk to potential students from East and South East Asia and students from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan will promote Liverpool across South Asia.

The Americas will be represented by students from the US, Canada and Latin America and an ambassador will also be available to talk to international students already living in the UK.

Kauri Mangat, undergraduate student at the Law School and ambassador for Canada and Australia, said: “Deciding which university to study at is a big decision for any student, but particularly for those making the choice to live and work in another country, so far away from home. We are here to help future students in these important decisions and offer them advice from our own experiences at Liverpool.”

Ali Javed, postgraduate student at the Management School and ambassador for Pakistan, said: “It is reassuring to call a university and to hear not only from the staff, but from students from your home country who are currently studying and enjoying their time in a new country. Students can ask us anything, from what we advise they pack in their suitcase before travelling to Liverpool, to what to expect from their degree programme.”

Soukaí¯na Jalal, undergraduate student at the Management School and ambassador for UK based international students, said: “As a student coming from a foundation degree, I have really engaged with the student community on campus and on my course. Becoming a student ambassador is something I am very proud of and I am happy to share my experiences with others from a similar academic background and indeed from my home country of Morocco.”

Members of academic staff are invited to contact the International Student Recruitment team if they are interested in working with the ambassador team.

To find out more about the student ambassador programme, members of staff can email Laura Martin in the International Student Recruitment Team or log onto the student ambassador webpage.

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