Student composition recorded for album

University of Liverpool student, Louis Johnson, has won a music competition be recorded for a commercial album, which will be released by the award winning Lunar Saxophone Quartet.

Louis, who graduated with a PhD from the School of Music this week, submitted a composition to the Quartet’s ‘Call for Scores’ competition, which recognises up-and-coming composers. 

The composition was inspired by a 1960s piece of art by the Dutch graphic artist, M.C. Escher.  The drawing depicts a visual illusion of monks that appear to be both ascending and descending a staircase of a tower building.

The composition was played alongside five other shortlisted entries by the Lunar Saxophone Quartet at The Forge Music Venue in Camden, London.  Louis’s piece was selected as the overall winner and will be recorded on the Quartet’s next album.

During his time as a PhD student Louis has also had his work played by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, following his selection by the Society for the Promotion of New Music, in recognition of his composition based on the mystery surrounding Cumbria’s stone circle.

Louis said: “This will be the first of my compositions to be recorded and commercially released, and was certainly a nice way of marking the end of my PhD programme here at Liverpool.

“The lithograph by M.C. Escher creates a paradoxical illusion, so it was a fascinating piece to base a piece of music around.  It is a stark and bold image and this is reflected in my composition.  I am looking forward to hearing it on the Lunar Saxophone Quartet’s album.”

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