Conference considers Higher Education challenges

A conference held at the University’s Management School highlighted the challenges currently faced by Higher Education.

In his keynote speech to the Higher Education Institutional Research (HEIR) conference, Professor Diamond, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, said universities must address the twin challenges of excellence and efficiency. Whilst acknowledging the strength of UK universities, Professor Diamond emphasised the challenges universities face in maintaining their global position at the same time as being extremely efficient in the use of their resources.

The focus of the fifth Annual Conference of the Higher Education Institutional Research (HEIR) for the UK and Ireland, hosted by the University’s Management School, was the better use of information for effective decision-making in higher education institutions, to enhance efficiency of operation and to improve quality.

John Taylor, Professor of Higher Education Management, said: “Continuing Professional Development is vital in helping to supporting university leaders and managers respond to these challenges. At Liverpool, we are launching a new range of award-bearing modules in areas such as strategy, change management, human resource management, internationalisation and institutional research which are intended to meet this need.”

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