University helps celebrate knowledge in the city


The Liverpool Knowledge Festival runs from 13-27 October

The University is helping to celebrate Liverpool’s position at the heart of discoveries that have challenged human understanding, from medicine to particle physics.

In partnership with the with the city’s three universities, Liverpool Science Park, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Liverpool Vision, the first ever Liverpool Knowledge Festival will raise awareness of the £1 billion a year knowledge economy and a tradition of pioneering science and engineering that spans more than 300 years.

Events during the festival, which runs from Saturday 13 to Saturday 27 October, will spotlight the work of current pioneers and will include the launch of the British Society for Nanomedicine and the Liverpool Mayoral Knowledge Summit. Visit the Its Liverpool website for a full list of events.

There is also a chance for staff to vote for their favourite Knowledge Hero. Included on the list representing the University are:

John Brunner, the co-founder of Brunner Mond, the wealthiest British chemical company of the 19th century and a major benefactor to the University;

Sir Oliver Lodge, who was a Professor of Physics and responsible for the first radio transmission and the first ever medical X-ray;

Professor Neil Hall and Dr Anthony Hall, from the Institute of Integrative Biology, who are leading research into genome sequencing of wheat;

Professor Sue Wray, from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, who heads the joint research between the University and the Liverpool Women’s Hospital at the Centre of Better Births;

Professor Munir Pirmohamed, from the Institute of Translational Medicine, NHS Chair of Pharmacogentics and pioneer of personalised medicine;

Professors Phil Allport and Themis Bowcock, from the Department of Physics, key players in the Large Hadron Collider project at CERN;

Sir Joseph Rotblat a former member of staff in the Department of Physics and Nobel Laureate renowned for his work on the atomic bomb.

For a full list and the opportunity to vote, visit the website.

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