In Memoriam – Walter Donakey

Walter Donakey (right)

Wally (right) with his best friend and work colleague John at Mulberry Court

The University regrets to report the death of Walter Donakey, a Customer Service Assistant at Mulberry Court residences from 2005.

The department has sent this tribute:

Wally was a great work mate and a breath of fresh air, always making people laugh. Students loved him and he would do anything for anyone. One international student used to refer to him as his ‘Liverpool Dad’, that says a lot about a man who wanted to make others feel welcome, happy and safe.

For all the people who knew and worked with Wally we will miss him so much and we will always remember him with a smile.

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam – Walter Donakey

  1. Paula McCartney

    I have worked alongside Wally since 2005. We had some fun, he was a character in his own way, he knew how to wind people up then laugh about it later. The students loved him – he would do anything and give anything to anyone if they needed it, he would even take you home in his little yellow van. He nick-named me ‘Stella’ after Stella McCartney and when Liz came to work at Mulberry she really thought that was my name! We all at Mulberry Court miss his mad ways, RIP Walli with an ‘i’, gone but not forgotten.

  2. Stephen Caldwell

    Thanks Wally for all the great times we had together we will never forget you, from all your friends in self-catering residence and work colleagues in Facilities Management. John,Steve, Robbie,Denis, and all the girls at Mulberry Court and Philharmonic Court.

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