Alumni visit University for Donor Event

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donor event may 2013

Student callers with donors

The University’s annual Donor Event has taken place in the Central Teaching Laboratory (CTL) with more than 35 alumni and guests attending.

Hosted by the Philanthropy and Alumni Relations team in Corporate Communications, the event gave generous supporters of the University an opportunity to look around the award winning laboratories and find out more about how monies raised through the Benefactors’ Fund has been used.

This year total donations to the University will reach £3.5m, with £200,000 raised and disbursed through the Benefactors’ Fund to enhance and enrich the life of our students.

Professor Dinah Birch, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, gave a welcoming address and thanked attendees for their generous support.

She said: “This event emphasises the importance of philanthropy in supporting the academic minds of the future, which will develop research that will change the way we and future generations live.”

Guests were invited to browse the exhibition stands to learn more about the projects the Benefactors’ Fund has supported and they also had the opportunity to meet a group of student callers who explained the essential work they do for the University.


Professor Andre Brown, Head of the School of Architecture, demonstrated some of the models that had been made by the new 3D printer that was purchased after receiving £21, 650 from the fund towards transforming the teaching of Architecture with 3D modelling. The new machine gives students access to a sustainable, low cost physical model-making device which is essential for the University to meet increasing student demand.

Dr Jon Coleman, from the School of Physical Sciences, demonstrated that a portable magneto-optical trapping system that can be used to cool and trap atoms. Dr Coleman showed guests how the Nobel Prize winning technology can be used to demonstrate some of the most advanced sensing techniques known to man, helping Liverpool researchers to answer some of the fundamental physics questions of this century.

John Cartwright, Director of Computing Services (CSD), also discussed the Collaborative Working Environment facilities for CSD which will be available for use in libraries, and Professor Rolf Dietmar Herzberg from the School of Physical Sciences demonstrated new renewable energy and sustainability equipment.

For more information on the University’s fundraising activity and to see more of the projects, visit:

donor event may 2013


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