FILM: DNA – the blueprint for life


In celebration of 100 years of the Medical Research Council (MRC), scientists at the University’s Institute of Integrative Biology presented their work on genomics to a public audience at the Victoria Gallery and Museum.  The film of their work shows facts about DNA alongside University research into bacteria in the bowel of premature babies, river blindness, and the use of DNA technology in the study of parasites, lung infection , and evolution.

Dr Christiane Hertz-Fowler said:: “The University’s Centre for Genomic Research is home to instrumentation that can read DNA hundreds of times faster than the systems that were used to sequence the human genome.

“This technology, which was used to sequence the genome of wheat, can be applied to studies previously considered to be too difficult for detailed genetic study, such as sugar cane, an important biofuel crop, as well as animal and human diseases.”


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