The best year of my life – Formula Student 2012/13


University of Liverpool Formula Student team 2012/13, pictured at Germany’s famous Hockenheimring

University of Liverpool Formula Student leader, Sam Dauncey described his tenure as “the best year of my life”, as the team rounded off the 2012/13 season with a strong showing at the world famous Hockenheimring.

Just three weeks after finishing sixth among the UK teams at Silverstone, the 23 person group of School of Engineering students packed the car up for the long trip to Germany and a step up to the highest level of Formula Student competition.

Sam said: “Germany is known as the best of the best, the best teams and the best cars, so just qualifying to get out there and race is an honour.

“As a motorsport enthusiast it was incredible to be at a place like Hockenheim. That’s what’s so good. You see the Silverstone track and think, it’s nice to be racing here. And then you go over to Germany and think, I’m never going to get this close to the pits at Hockenheim ever again, so to be able to work in one is fantastic.”


Each competing car undergoes a tilt test to check for leaking fluids. Liverpool passed first time

Formula Student sees universities from across the globe design and build a single seater racing car in order to compete in static and dynamic events, to demonstrate their understanding and test the performance of the vehicle.

The team finished the competition in seventh place out of the UK teams, and 41st overall out of 75 international competitors in the combustion category. This was an improvement of eight places on 2011/12.


Here, in scrutineering, judges measure the chassis to ensure safety rules have been met

Lecturer, Dan Hibbert, who oversees the team of third and fourth year Engineering undergraduate students responsible for building, driving and maintaining the car, said: “This year has proven to be our best yet on many levels. Special thanks must go to Santander for providing a grant for travel. In doing so, it has enabled so many students to gain a truly unique overseas experience.”


Y4 student, Nathan Peace runs the engine at specific RPMs for scrutineers as part of the noise test

And Sam will now hand over the reins to the new team leader, Lucas Prytherch, who he describes as a “brilliant man”.

Lucas said: “After such a remarkable week, the whole team has arrived home with an eagerness to design the next car. This summer has been an incredible experience for all first time competitors and we hope to share a similarly unforgettable experience for the team of 2013/14.”

Sam, who moves to take up a graduate leadership role at Rolls Royce, added: “It’s been the best year of my life. I’ll never forget it. I’ve had to work incredibly hard for it but what you get back just can’t be measured.”



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