Searching for Richard III


The University of Liverpool’s Department of Continuing Education is joining the search for the real Richard III with a series of evening lectures.

The lectures will examine the scientific and historic evidence – as well as representations from art and literature – that have contributed to the different portrayals that exist of Richard III and will help participants develop a more accurate picture of one of England’s most notorious kings .

The lectures will be delivered by researchers in Archaeology, Art History, English and History .

The series starts on Monday, 14 October and will be held in the lecture theatre at 126 Mount Pleasant (opposite the Metropolitan Cathedral).

The lectures are £8 each and there is a discount if you register for all four lectures.

For further detail and to register please visit http: or call 0151 794 6900

Monday 14 October, 6.15 – 8pm, Richard III: reign and reputation
This lecture will assess the brief reign of Richard III and consider how historians have sought to understand and evaluate this most controversial – and topical – of English kings.

Monday 28 October, 6.15 – 8pm, Life in the age of Richard III: a bioarchaeological perspective
Using scientific evidence from the skeletal remains of Richard III, this lecture will build a picture of past lifeways in the middle ages.

Monday 11 November, 6.15 – 8pm, Richard III: Shakespeare’s villain
This session will explore the historical, literary and dramatic influences on which Shakespeare drew to create one of his greatest anti-heroes.

Monday 25 November, 6.15 – 8pm, Richard III: Portraying the King

One of the Walker Art Gallery’s most important paintings is ‘David Garrick as Richard III’. This lecture tells how William Hogarth’s 1745 portrait reconciles Shakespearean historicism and dramatic licence with artistic ambition and celebrity portraiture.


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