New Student Charter launched


A revised Student Charter has been launched by the University and the Guild of Students to make clear the expectations, commitments and values that are shared by staff and students in the University.

This new Charter is fundamentally important, for it sets out the respective rights and responsibilities of students and staff in their academic partnership.

It focuses on four areas – learning and teaching, support services, student engagement, and financial matters – and provides staff and students with a clear understanding of their responsibilities. It also emphasises the University’s commitment to ensuring a consistent and equitable experience for all its students.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Student Experience, Professor Kelvin Everest, said: “All members of our University contribute to the continuing success of the institution and have a responsibility to uphold the principles and values articulated by the Charter.

“We all need to be clear about what we provide and how the experience at the University of Liverpool differs from other institutions. We have had widespread support for a partnership approach to learning, and the new Charter provides an important guide to what the University and its students should expect of each other.”

To view the new Student Charter please visit:

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