Visit Total Reuse at the Farmers’ Market today

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The Farmers’ Market is taking place Thursday 14 November, 9.30am until 2.30pm in University Square.

Local community company, Total Reuse, will be taking a stall and will share information about how they have been working with the University to recycle as many objects and materials no longer needed to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill.

Facilities Management have been leading the pilot project with Total Reuse to remove unwanted waste from the University and avoiding going to landfill. So far around 500,000 kgs of waste since the start of the scheme.

Clearing the LGoS

The Total Reuse team recently spent six weeks clearing 60 rooms in the Liverpool Guild of Students building, which is part of a £10.5 million investment to restore the Reilly Building to its former glory.

Arthur Garnett, Project Assistant/Waste Diversion Officer who is leading on the scheme, said: “Originally opened in 1966 the basement has been used to store ‘stuff’ for almost 50 years and the team undertook the challenge head on.”

Whilst clearing out the different rooms, Total Reuse found some Victorian floorboards that have now been used for shelving and some interesting pieces of equipment that will be remanufactured into new products.

For more information on Total Reuse, visit the website.

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