Preparation for Materials Innovation Factory underway

Work will commence this week on preparation for the construction of the proposed Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) on the site next to the Central Teaching Laboratory (CTL), Central Campus.

The MIF is being developed in partnership with industry to provide a future generation of functional materials for science and industry. The MIF will house a unique suite of state-of-the-art, open access facilities, generating new science to underpin the advanced manufacturing sector in the UK and speed up research and development processes.

Phase one

In consultation with planners, phase one of the construction will enable site access and the creation of a new entrance for the Chemistry building. The current green space and surrounding trees will be removed and replaced, once the building is complete, with new landscaping, providing an improved safe pedestrian route and new outdoor seating space, running from Oxford Street to MIF and CTL buildings. The gardens will include semi-mature specimen avenue trees and blocks of colourful year-round ground cover shrubs and perennial planting, with species chosen to provide habitats for birds and insects.

The following link shows a fly through of the completed buildings and its surroundings:

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