Launch of new global university ranking


Our University has been positioned between ‘good and very good’ in a new global institutional ranking.

U-Multirank, an initiative led by the University of Twente’s Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, is a new tool for comparing university performance across more than 850 institutions in 70 countries.

It takes a different approach to other rankings, using a grading system from ‘A’, very good, to ‘E’, weak, allowing the user to compare the strengths and weaknesses of different institutions.

Top grade

The University scored the top grade in 20 out of the 30 measures, including graduation rate, external research income, publication output and citation rate. International Orientation was identified as an area of strength, which considers five measures looking at the makeup of international programmes, awards and publications.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Howard Newby, is a member of the advisory board for U-Multirank. He said: “This new ranking enables the user to make direct comparisons between universities in areas of performance that is of interest to them. This will be a good tool for students to help them make informed decisions about their future university careers.

“It is pleasing to see Liverpool perform so well in this first publication and we will be monitoring the effectiveness of the ranking over the coming months.”

Subject areas

In the first year of publication, the performance of four subject areas – Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Studies, and Physics, were assessed, with Liverpool scoring between good and average based on a maximum of 34 measures in all four subjects.

The indicators of performance cover five broad dimensions: teaching and learning, regional engagement, knowledge transfer, international orientation and research. Students and other stakeholders played a major role in developing U-Multirank and the ranking has been tested by student organisations.

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