University to enhance focus on market-led strategy

The University is bringing together colleagues who are engaged in activities related to communications, the development and promotion of our research-led brand, the recruitment of students, and philanthropy and alumni relations into one team.

This will align resources to enable the University to strengthen its offer and further enhance our research profile.


The creation of a Marketing and Communications department will bring together colleagues currently working in Corporate Communications and Student Recruitment and Admissions (SRAO).

The team will help develop key elements of our University’s strategy and will be responsible for embedding a market-led ethos as part of our institutional mission and strategy.

Key elements of the Marketing and Communications remit will include:

• Developing the University’s Marketing and Communications Strategy

• Enhancing communications in support of research and institutional partnerships

• Working with academic colleagues to develop the taught portfolio of degrees

• Corporate communications, and communications across the entire student journey, to internal and external stakeholders

• Developing strategies to support growth in student recruitment and the number of students studying abroad

• Increasing institutional reputation and profile

• Building engagement with all stakeholders through communications, high profile internal and external events and ambassadorial activities

• The processing of all applications for non-clinical degree programmes

• Engaging alumni to further enhance our offer and their experience of our brand and values

• Creating a community for marketing and communications professionals working across the University.

Claire Brown will move from her role as Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions, to become Director of Marketing, while Taryn Rock will be Director of Strategic Communications.

Critical area

“The landscape for UK Higher Education has altered significantly in recent years” said Claire. “Changes to public funding have led to intense competition for student numbers. As a result, universities such as ours are carefully examining what they have to offer, to make sure that it is distinctive and appealing to potential students.

“We have spent time reviewing our approach to marketing and communications, since this a critical area that can help prepare us for anticipated future challenges and help us to maintain our position amongst the world’s leading research-led universities.”

Exciting transformation

Taryn added: “This is an exciting transformation and we hope that the alignment of staff working in these areas will bring tremendous benefits to the University.

“This fusion into a larger team of some 140 professionals – with an associated institutional marketing and communications network – will not only enhance our ability to consistently, collaboratively and cohesively position the University and its research-driven reputation, but will also bring opportunities as well as challenges for individuals pursuing careers in these areas of expertise.”

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