Veterinary Scientist to participate in live broadcast of `Dogs: Their Secret Lives’


Veterinary Scientist, Dr Alex German, has taken part in a live broadcast of Channel Four’s `Dog’s Their Secret Lives’.

The programme is the final episode in the series which has explored the secret life of dogs and how people’s lives and those of their dogs have radically changed in the last 50 years.

Dr German, who has featured in the series, will join the show’s presenter, TV vet Mark Evans, and other experts to answer questions about issues relating to dogs including weight problems, aggression or incessant barking.

The results of the programme’s online survey of dog’s behaviour –one of the biggest of its kind ever to be commissioned – will also be revealed during this evening’s show.

Head of the University’s Weight Management Clinic, Dr Alex German, said: “I am looking forward to this evening’s live programme and being able to respond to questions from the audience and the public about issues relating to canine weight gain, weight loss, exercise and eating habits.

“Obesity is an ever increasing health issue for dogs and this programme has shown how understanding their behaviour and habits can explain their weight gain and also help with weight loss.”

Dr German has also contributed to the Channel Four website, which provides information for owners and access to case studies.

Dogs: Their Secret Life was shown at 8pm, Tuesday, 23 September, Channel Four.

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