Food expert elected VP at UK Faculty of Public Health

Professor Capewell is an expert advisor to the campaign group `Action on Sugar'.

Food expert, Professor Simon Capewell, based in the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, has been elected as the next Vice President for Policy at the UK Faculty of Public Health

He will take up office in June 2015 and serve for three years.

Professor Capewell said: “I am delighted to be elected to this exciting and challenging role. My priorities as Vice President (for Policy) will be to promote evidence-based public health policies which add years to life, and life to years; nurture an effective and equitable NHS for young and old; champion multi-disciplinary public health; and promote excellent learning experiences for trainees.”

After graduating from Newcastle University, Professor Capewell subsequently trained in clinical medicine at Cardiff, Oxford and then Edinburgh where he was converted to public health.  He then moved to Glasgow University before being appointed as the first Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Liverpool in 1999.

Professor Capewell’s major research interests focus on the epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and stroke), and hence studies on food policy (obesity, sugars, salt, transfats, fruit etc.). 

He contributes to policy development and service work locally, nationally and internationally including advising the British Heart Foundation, the European Society of Cardiology, Heart of Mersey, National Institute of Clincal Excellence,  Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.

Professor Capewell is a founding member and expert advisor to the campaign group, Action on Sugar, which is concerned with sugar and its effects on health. 

It is working to reach a consensus with the food industry and Government over the harmful effects of a high sugar diet, and bring about a reduction in the amount of sugar in processed foods.

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