European Law Unit gives evidence at House of Lords

Members of the University of Liverpool’s European Law Unit appeared before the House of Lords European Union Select Committee.

Professor Michael Dougan, Dr Samantha Currie and Dr Thomas Horsley were asked about the conduct of the Government’s recent Review of the Balance of Competences between the UK and EU, and its impact on future policy making.

The European Law Unit, part of Liverpool Law School in the University’s School of Law and Social Justice, submitted expert legal analysis in response to calls for evidence ahead of an invitation to appear in person at the House of Lords.

Dr Horsley said: “Although we expressed concerns on specific points, our evidence to the Select Committee emphasised the transparent and balanced nature of the Review overall.

“The Government’s two-year Review was an ambitious exercise that aimed to capture the impact of EU activity within the UK across a full range of policy areas.

“It involved 14 Government departments and engaged a broad spectrum of key stakeholders – including 13 colleagues from the European Law Unit.

“The Review has produced a set of 32 detailed, evidence-based reports. As we noted to the Select Committee, these reports have an important role to play in current debates about the UK’s future relationship with the EU.”

You can watch Professor Dougan, Dr Currie and Dr Thomas Horsley give evidence below:

The Select Committee will publish the findings of its inquiry in late March.


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