University scores highly for research in U-Multirank


The University has scored highly for research in U-Multirank which allows prospective students to compare more than 1,200 universities from around the world. 

Research was the University’s strongest area in the table, with six out of seven eligible indicators in this area achieving an A grade and the other measure scoring a B grade. 

Anita Wright, Head of Strategic Planning, said: “Our performance remains very good overall and our strength in the research area is extremely pleasing.” 

U-Multirank is a multi-dimensional table funded by the European Commission. Institutions are assessed over five broad areas: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. 

Performance measures

Each of the broad areas is made up of individual performance measures, and each measure is given a score ranging from A (very good) to E (weak). U-Multirank is not a league table and does not add together or weight scores to produce a single composite score. 

Overall, the University achieved 16 A grades out of total of 30 scored indicators – four less than in 2014. The University achieved 23 A or B grades – two less than in 2014. 

The University achieved eight out of 12 A grades for research measures combined with linked measures from the categories of knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. The University scored 100% A or B grades for this area – more than all other UK institutions. 

This ranks the University in the third tier of grouped institutions for this area along with Bristol, Durham, UCL, Nottingham, Queen Mary and York, with Cambridge, Imperial and Sheffield having the highest proportion of A grades – 10 out of 12 measures. 

The University scored one A grade and three B grades for Teaching and Learning measures.

Please follow the link to view the full U-Multirank tables:


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