New workforce planning tool introduced

The University’s new planning tool is being developed to help departments forecast staff numbers and expenditure. 

The tool was introduced last year, allowing staff to plan their student numbers throughout the Planning and Performance Cycle (PPC).  The tool includes scenario testing to obtain immediate feedback on the impact of varying student intakes on School and Departmental headcounts, student FTE and income over three years.

Following consultation with Computing Services, Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Finance, the system is now being developed to enable detailed forecasts of staff numbers and expenditure. This will allow departments to scenario plan their future staff profiles and student-staff ratios (SSRs), as well as model income and expenditure in more detail.

Anita Wright, Head of Strategic Planning, said: “The planning tool is a key element in our suite of business intelligence products and has already delivered significant benefits for our student number planning processes.  We are looking forward to developing the workforce planning model over the coming months and will be seeking feedback from users as part of this process.”

Student recruitment forecasts based on current applications, offers and decisions are currently being run through the tool to show how these numbers translate into student FTE and income compared to current plans.

The planning tool is also being used by Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services, as well as Student Administration and Support to understand and plan for prospective student numbers.

Further information about the tool is available here, as well as a short film about its development:

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