Viewpoint: “Masonic type chaos” at FIFA

Dr Rogan Taylor is Director of the Football Industry Group at the University of Liverpool’s Management School

“The FIFA press officer stating today that President Sepp Blatter was ‘perfectly comfortable’ with what is going on is a statement of profound significance about what is wrong with this organisation.

“The President, standing for election in a couple of days, is ‘perfectly comfortable’ with the FBI and other local agencies storming in at 6am to carry off a couple of Vice Presidents – how does that work?

“This is a window on the masonic type of chaos inside this organisation.

“I hope this action seriously changes the way FIFA works and perhaps even scuppers Sepp Blatter standing for President.”

More on the FIFA arrests here:

One thought on “Viewpoint: “Masonic type chaos” at FIFA

  1. George Sutcliffe

    I don’t think Blatter has taken or offered bribes however, if he is aware of it at FIFA, he should resign. If it didn’t know about it, he should resign.

    I still feel he will remain as President after the next election, too many allies within the congress.

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