Launch of new lecture capture tool

Stream Capture artwork

The University of Liverpool’s new lecture recording software, Stream Capture, was officially launched at the Learning and Teaching Conference this week.

Stream Capture enables users to record any combination of video, audio, and desktop displays from their lectures before automatically uploading the recordings to the University’s video hosting site, Stream.

The tool, which has been built by the Application Development Team in the Computing Services Department, has been designed to fully integrate with the existing timetable software, Orbit, allowing students to access lecture recordings for their modules directly in VITAL, from any device.

24/7 study access

Duncan Brown, Application Development Team Manager, said: “We have responded to a demand from both staff and students to produce a simple, easy to use, system which fully automates the entire capture process. Stream Capture gives students the access they need to study 24/7 and greatly aids distance learning.

“More than ever, we are seeing an evolution in teaching methods. Stream Capture increases student engagement by providing a simple way to promote active learning, flipping the lecture on its head. Using Stream Capture, lecturers can easily pre-record and share their material. The student’s initial exposure to this content is shifted outside the lecture, providing an environment which encourages interactivity, discussion and collaboration.”

Currently, 46 lecture theatres on the Liverpool campus have been upgraded to use Stream Capture, with a total of 102 being completed by Christmas 2015. All lecture theatres on the London campus have been equipped with Stream Capture. Full details of the rollout and availability can be found here:

Podcasts and webinars

Stream Capture is also available to all staff and students on the Managed Windows Service (MWS) to use for their own desktop capture needs, such as for recording podcasts or webinars.  Find out more at:

Workshops to introduce staff to the applications of lecture capture software are being held as part of the e-Learning summer school; bookings can be made via their website here.

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